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Revive Adserver – One Year On…

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Today is the first anniversary of the release of Revive Adserver 3.0.0, which was released on the 13th of September 2013. Happy first birthday, Revive Adserver!

Early in 2013, when I was given the opportunity to purchase the OpenX Source code base from OpenX, I went ahead with little more in mind than thinking that this was a chance to breathe some new life into an open source project that was close to me personally, given that I had worked it full time for five years from 2004 to 2009 as an employee of OpenX.

I had no idea that over the course of the next 18 months or so:

  • Matteo Beccati and Erik Geurts would join me on the Revive Adserver team;
  • There would be six releases of Revive Adserver, incorporating 49 bug fixes, 13 new features and 4 security updates;
  • Over 4,500 users would install and use Revive Adserver;
  • That we’d get so many great ideas, bug reports and bug fixes from the community on GitHub;
  • The community forums would see so much traffic, and that a community would start to form where users of Revive Adserver are helping each other out; and
  • We’d start a process of completely re-writing the documentation for Revive Adserver.

The last year since releasing Revive Adserver 3.0.0 really has completely exceeded every expectation that I had, given that all of this has come from a  desire to simply allow the project to continue to exist in a way that is accessible to the community of users, rather than being tied up behind a company that has (completely understandably) moved on.

So, to each and every one on of you – those who have downloaded and tried Revive Adserver for the first time, those of you who are long time OpenX Source users who have upgraded, those of you who submit (or fix!) bugs on GitHub, and those of you who ask and answer questions on the forums – thank you! It’s seeing what all of you are doing that gives us the motivation to keep the Revive Adserver project moving forwards.

As for the coming year? We can’t wait to release Revive Adserver 3.1.0, and start a process of developing new features that we see the community is asking for. Given how much we’ve achieved in the first year, who knows where we will be in another year’s time?

We hope that you’ll all be patient, and stick around for the journey.


Andrew Hill

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