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When Banners/urls Are Loaded With Noscript Way, Ur Always Point To The Url Referenced By Last Loaded Banner/image


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On a website we're working on we're trying to pull ads from revive through noscript fallback, since we cannot use javascript code for some other reason.

Basically, on one page we have ~10 ads generated from two banners received from revive, which are in the same zone. Basically, each image/link is generated somehow like this:
<a href='//revive-server/delivery/ck.php?n=a31eca4c&amp;cb={{ randomNumber }}' target='_blank'><img src='//revive-server/delivery/avw.php?zoneid=1&amp;cb={{ randomNumber }}&amp;n=a31eca4c' alt='' /></a>
Thing is: images will be loaded proper, but problem is that url for banner will always point to the url which is referenced by the last loaded image. So, if first banner links to www.google.com, and second banner links to www.github.com, and if second banner is loaded last, url (for all images) will always point to the www.github.com.
I'm wondering if anyone is aware of that problem? Since revive is open source we'll maybe try to fix it on our own.
I believe this should be solved with randomNumber parameter which is given to the url (and then based on that image/url should be generated), but looks like this is not the case.
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