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How Can I Test Delivery Capping With Vast Ads


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My localhost testing system:

  • Apache 2.4.9
  • PHP 5.5.12
  • MySQL 5.6.17
  • Revive Ad Server 3.0.5
  • JW Player with Ads 6.10 (in Flash mode)


I'm now trying to test with JW Player 6.10 Ads. I get the ads playing, but my delivery capping is not working.


This the way I test:


1. I reload page

2. Play the video

3. Reload

4. Play the video


To me it seems that restrictions and capping have no effect. Is there possibly a cache preventing me from succeeding? Why could it be that the delivery capping is not working?


I see a lot of cookies from Revive with firebug, but I'm not aware what I can tell from them. It seems that some cookies appear when video starts and then dissappear without leaving a mark to permanent cookies.


Here is a copy of Revive cookies I see in my testing environment:

revive.multisite.com FALSE / FALSE 1412346954 OABLOCK 1.1409754948
revive.multisite.com FALSE / FALSE 1441290954 OACAP 1.1
revive.multisite.com FALSE / FALSE 1412346954 OACBLOCK 1.1409754948
revive.multisite.com FALSE / FALSE 1441290954 OACCAP 1.1
revive.multisite.com FALSE / FALSE 1441290964 OAID 047116035544af289be538eb63fc822e
revive.multisite.com FALSE / FALSE OASCAP 1.1
revive.multisite.com FALSE / FALSE 1412345627 OAZBLOCK 1.1409753615
revive.multisite.com FALSE / FALSE 1441290954 OAZCAP 1.2
revive.multisite.com FALSE / FALSE sessionID 2b5187b748f4295016577acf7f2ecb71
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It seems to me that this is an old problem dicussed in JW Player forum. I'm not sure that is the problem now thoroughly solved, but now the delivery capping seems to work.


I edited the file revive\www\\delivery\fc.php to the following: (Note the addition after line 31)


| Revive Adserver                                                           |
| http://www.revive-adserver.com                                            |
|                                                                           |
| Copyright: See the COPYRIGHT.txt file.                                    |
| License: GPLv2 or later, see the LICENSE.txt file.                        |

 * This is autogenerated file which contains all files from the "delivery_dev"
 * folder of Revive Adserver merged into a single output file. On systems
 * without a PHP opcode cache that is configured to not regularly check for
 * file updates, this autogenerated file can dramatically improve the
 * performance of Revive Adserver's delivery engine.
 * !!!Warning!!!
 * Do not edit this file. If you need to do any changes to any delivery file,
 * check out the source code from GitHub; make the necessary changes to the
 * file(s) in the "delivery_dev" folder; and regenerate the delivery files
 * using the script located in the "scripts/delivery" directory.

if (empty($_GET['script'])) {
include_once '../../init-delivery.php';

if(@$_REQUEST["vast_event"])MAX_cookieFlush();//quick'n'dirty bug fix for frequency capping with video ad delivery

$script = str_replace("\0", '', $_GET['script']);
$aPluginId = explode(':', $script);
$scriptFileName = MAX_PATH . rtrim($conf['pluginPaths']['plugins'], '/') . '/' . implode('/', $aPluginId) . '.delivery.php';
if (stristr($scriptFileName, '../') || stristr($scriptFileName, '..\\') || !is_readable($scriptFileName) || !is_file($scriptFileName)) {
if (empty($conf['debug']['production'])) {
echo "Unable to find delivery script ({$scriptFileName}) for specified plugin-component-identifier: {$script}";
include $scriptFileName;
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