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How To Customize Login Page


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What is the best way to customize the login page ?


I did notice the user interface configuration to change the title, and add some info in the header and footer. But it does'nt seems to allow to do whatever you want on the login page right ? meaning with slider, new layout, with more information, etc...


So following my previous question with a link to the lib, I found in /lib/templates/ the

- login.html page

and under the layout folder :

several files like

- styles.html to add my own styles

- scripts.html to add some js

- main.html


Is it correct to modify these files ? or should i do a another proper way ? (especially as I think these files will be deleted during any future update)


Thank you




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The user wants to present a local UI interface to customers. This must be a fairly standard requirement, and I didn't find any hints to do this in the otherwise very useful documentation either. Looking at the file tree, it looks like simply replacing

www/admin/assets/images/logo-adserver.png will go a long way to customizing the initial look of the basic installation.


After 6 months, perhaps a nudge and a more helpful reply...?

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