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Hi All
I'm successfully using single page call on my site, it really cool.
Is it possible to do not only "single page call" for show banners, but something like "single log call" to log shown banners. Now each shown banner make one request liki this:
May be it possible to make only one log request for all banners?
I have one VPS server with 4 cores and 2GB.
I'm using mysql, nginx and php-fpm.
And now I can server only 20-30 mln impressions per day, but I need to serve about 80-100 mln impression per day. And I think if I can found decision for single log call it will possible.
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Would it be possible? Yes.


Is it a good idea? I think no. The whole point of doing a separate log call per impression is that the call to log the impression happens both immediately after the banner is displayed, and only after the banner is displayed. This way, you get the most accurate view of banners that were actually displayed logged.


If you move to logging all banner impressions in one call, you either need to log impressions before everything might have been displayed, and may over-count impressions, or, you log all banner impressions at the end of the page, and may under-count impressions.


I think you'd have a job to convince me that doing a single, one call logs all approach is a good idea...

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Thank you!

I clearly understand about all risks using this method, but in my case it will be very usefull, because:

1. i'm using Revive for media articles rotate, and measuring their effectiveness, (not for commerce ad)


2. it's not so bad for me if have over- or under- count, and it's enough have only roughly statistics.



3. I'm not have very powerful hardware, and now I have to switch off log impressions due system overload


and moreover )

4. I think it will enough for me if revive can display ctr based not only on inpressions, but based on requests. I also understand that I can't have clear staticstic in this case, but even so, it much better than have no statistic due ad-servers overload

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