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Language Problems


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Revive is announced to be built as multilingual. For some parts this seems to work, but there are still some issues for me, where the default language set to a non-english one doesn´t seem to work.


Reports for example are still completly in english, even so the login-panels a.s.o.

As an action od desperation, I´ve already overwritten the english language files with the germans. But that brought another problem up, because german isn´t utf-8, it´s iso-8859-1. As a result I couldn´t log in anymore, beccause I was using german special chars in the login-informartions, like ä, ö ,ü, ß. Even changing the type to ISO-8859-1 couldn´t help me out of that, so I hd to upload the original english files again and changed the // E-Mail and // Statistics translations. Meaning, I put in german translations for that and had to alter the german special chars to match the utf-8 standard.


Isn´t there another, easier way to have the whole revive instance in another language than english? I´m pretty sure I have overseen an option somewhere, but I´ve searched back and forth without finding anything.


Would be glad, if someone could point me into the right direction, before I have to reverse engineer the whole instance ;)

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