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Stats Not Working

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I had problems during upgrade last steps (openX 2.8.x to Revive 3.0.5): plugins.

Then I installed each of plugins through the ZIP files (inflating and copying to destination folder). The plugins are installed and enabled correctly.

The maintenance script have been executing normally, but the log file contains this:
                               on line 82 of "/home/blucarros1/public_html/openx/lib/OX/Maintenance.php"
                               on line 49 of "/home/blucarros1/public_html/openx/scripts/maintenance/maintenance.php"
                               on line 22 of "/home/blucarros1/public_html/openx/maintenance/maintenance.php"

                               on line 72 of "/home/blucarros1/public_html/openx/lib/OX/Maintenance.php"
                               on line 49 of "/home/blucarros1/public_html/openx/scripts/maintenance/maintenance.php"
                               on line 22 of "/home/blucarros1/public_html/openx/maintenance/maintenance.php"

Disable and enable plugins and clear "var/cache" and "templates_compiled" directory not working.

In DB there isn't the table "ra_data_bkt_m", just "data_bkt_m" and inside it has only record from couple days ago (before upgrade).

Please, I need help! We have several clients, banners... and the stats are very important for business!

PS - sorry for my bad English.

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