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Is This The Policy In Revive Adserver Hide Developer Documentation To Force To Pay For Support ? !


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No, absolutely not. The Revive Adserver team do not have a policy to hide anything to force people to pay for support.


We appreciate that our documentation is incomplete as at the time of this post - use documentation, admin documentation, and developer documentation. Indeed, there is simply no developer documentation for Revive Adserver at all at this point in time.


As Revive Adserver is an open source project, with no financial backing, the time that the team spends working on the code, the website, the documentation and the forum is entirely voluntary, and unpaid for. While we have a few ideas for helping to raise money to pay for things like hosting, etc., at the present time, the income that the team gets from the Revive Adserver project is effectively zero.


So, we'd love to have lots of developer documentation, and it's certainly on the list. When we get a chance, I am sure we will write some. Until then, we rely on the support of the community to help each other - and us - out, develop code where they can, suggest documentation improvements where they can, keep translation files up to date where they can, and support each other and answer questions on the forums where they can. All of these things will help the team spend the time they can afford to donate to the project focussed on core updates that will benefit everyone.





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Hello ,
I appreciate your offer and i know that you do a lot of work to make revive good like this , but this is not make sense you build revive adserver as plugin base framework , and don't tell developers how plugins work , i was want to make this plugin for my project and upload it as free open source to help people to make advanced rich media banners , but now i will do it in core code :/ :/ , so it will not help any one :( :( 
Thanks for reply
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I appreciate your offer and i know that you do a lot of work to make revive good like this , but this is not make sense you build revive adserver as plugin base framework , and don't tell developers how plugins work


We took over the project a year ago. The plugin framework that exists is exactly how we inherited it - we have not worked on it at all in the last year, as there are simply too many other things that we have been trying to do.


As soon as we can, we will absolutely document how to write plugins -- but be aware that even then, there will be lots of things people will want to do with plugins that the framework will not support, so it's not like documentation will automatically make everything be possible to be done as a plugin.


For now, our focus is on fixing the bugs we can, adding new features where there seems to be the broadest demand (so that we can help out as many users as we possibly can) and writing user documentation first, then admin documentation, and finally developer documentation. For us, that seems to be the best way we can help out the Revive Adserver community.

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Eliza0406 is not a member of the Revive Adserver team.


The Revive Adserver team is very happy to have other people participate in the community -- indeed, we actively encourage everyone to take part!


We are also happy if people want to offer paid services (consulting, support, development, plugins or anything else really) around Revive Adserver.


However, it should be clear that outside of those people on listed on the Revive Adserver website, anything you may decide to pay for is outside of the Revive Adserver team's control, and is not "official". That's not to say that it may not be any good - it may very well be. However, we will not comment on that kind of thing, and the fact that there is a user on the forums offering to sell you a Revive Adserver database ERD does not constitute an official policy from the team.


I hope that clarifies the matter! 

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