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Memcached To Log Impressions

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i just started to use revive in a website with more than 500K daily impressions and i noticed an important change on server load.

The problem is on impression logging which makes too many sql queries.


So i was thinking to use memcache mechanism to collect impressions and write them in the database every hour... 


i found this implementation https://github.com/revive-adserver/revive-adserver/issues/220

which looks fine (i would increase limit 11 to 100)


Do you have any alternatives, or might estimate if there would be significant inaccuracy in impression logs.


Thanks in advance

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If you are getting too many MySQL queries you need to optimize your MySQL server and utilize fast disk storage such as SSD or SAS 15K. If you are running your Revive Adserver on a NAS storage such was Amazon Web Services, you will be getting performance issues especially with MySQL queries. With properly server hardware, setup, and optimizations you can server over 20 million impressions per day.

We have performed stress tests and benchmarks on very high traffic Revive Adserver setups and Memcached actually resulted in performance degradation when you compare it to using SSD or SAS storage.

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