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No Stats Showing After Server Move

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Apologies in advance if this subject has been covered, but i am in desperate need of some help.


I upgraded from openx to revive and moved server at the same time, everything appears to working fine other than the statistics, I have the historic data from the database which i updated, the stats are being collected in the database but I cannot fathom why they will not show in the interface.


I have set up a cron to supersede the automated maintenance option, ensured the cache has been emptied and it feels like i have tried every conceivable option with no success. Could somebody please help/give suggestions before I lose the remaining hair I have.


many thanks in advance

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I'm having this same issue.  I followed all the steps on https://documentation.revive-adserver.com/display/DOCS/No+Statistics.  I confirmed that `SELECT * FROM rv_data_bkt_m;` is returning recently logged events.  I confirmed that automated maintenance is running by checking Global Settings > Maintenance.  I also verified that the proper statistics columns are enabled on the user interface settings.  I also confirmed the debug.log file on my new server contains recent events.  My server switch happened on 2/22/17.  On my new server, the revive code was copied over. It's still using the same database server.  When I navigate to Preferences > User Log > Maintenance log, the most recent events are from before 2/22/17.  So the maintenance log report on my new server seems to be pulling it's information from the old server.  This issue also shows up on the Statistics page itself where if I filter by a date older than 2/22/17, I can see statistics, but everything after that is empty.  This behavior doesn't match up with the database query results or all the other configuration settings and debug.log file.

After the server switch, I updated my config file to the new web root.  Am I missing another configuration setting that would tell the Statistics and Maintenance log to pull from the new server instead of the old server???

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