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Distributed System


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     i want setup distributed system using revive adserver


     we are using two servers ,one as master server and other as slave


     Revive adserver installed in both server , now how to configure the distributed system .


     let us know your suggestion .




thanks in advance



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Hi @Riyas,

As quick advice:

  • Ensure that as a minimum, your database replication is set up as a master/slave, and that you have a HA IP address (which Revive Adserver uses for the DB connection) that will fail over to the slave (and the slave is promoted to a master) as required - that won't distribute the database load, but it will give you HA. If you really want distributed, then you'll need your database in master/master replication mode.
  • Use memcached rather than file system caching, to ensure that the cache is distributed.
  • Load banner creatives into an external, non-distributed store, that then uses a CDN to cache and deliver the creatives.
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