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Unique Ads Using Iframe Tags?

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The feature to only display a banner once per page is actually impossible with iFrame tags (as opposed to "not available by default"), as iFrames load independently in the browser, so there's no way to allow them to communicate with each other to ensure that a banner only shows once.


As mentioned above, though, you could set up multiple iFrame zones, and traffic your banners accordingly to ensure the situation can't arise where you show the same banner twice, but that's not the automatic, effort free solution that you can get with e.g. the JS tag type.

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I was going to start a topic on this subject but found this one. Being new here not sure if cool to step in to a thread with my own questions? If not cool, let me know.

From what I gather here it is basically impossible to use 3-4 iframe ads on same page and expect them to show different ads all the time? Even if you insert different random numbers and activate Insert Cache-Busting code?


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Hi @oldteacher,

Correct. The way iframes work is, in effect, to spawn off a completely separate browser inside each frame, and there's no way to allow those frames to communicate with each other. So, Revive Adserver can't have the different iframes communicate with each other to stop them displaying the same banner in different places by chance.

See http://documentation.revive-adserver.com/display/DOCS/Tag+settings for more details on the different tag options that control this kind of thing, and which tags they are available with.

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Ok, thanks Andrew. Kind of thought that would be the answer.

Using adserver on some school news/sports pages and iframe works great to rotate ads. But needed to have 3-4 ads displayed at once with rotation.

Understand what you are saying about iframes and their lack of communications with each other, was just hoping for magic bullet:)

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