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Anti Fraud Filters

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I currently have a proprietary ad server that is in need of an update. My concern with using any 3rd party ad server is click fraud. I was curious how Revive handles this and how many different filters are built in? I of course will not ask for specifics as this would tip others off but we've developed 25 filters to help catch fraud and would hate to integrate to a system that does not have the filters we have developed. If they are not available can my developer add them? We're currently serving about 1.5b ad impressions a month and that is increasing monthly.


Please let me know.


Thank you

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Great question.
As far as I know Revive has no built in click fraud filters but your developer definitely can integrate custom functionality by creation of a plugin. We have intergrated series of custom solutions ourselves.
I have another question. Do you develop filters to capture impressions fraud also or you fight against click fraud only?
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We have developed many different types of filters. I choose not to disclose them here but we can catch proxy clicks, vpn, some bots, fast clicks, and much more. Catching impression fraud is difficult but not impossible. We focus more on the click fraud side of things because we are a CPC based ad network only (at this time). But have flirted with the idea of adding CPM but would need the anti fraud tools in order to keep it under control.


Has anyone started or developed filters to catch fraud and if so are they shared? If not then this is something that needs to be created so other members who have limited knowledge or do not have a developer at their side can benefit from others experience. Even for a fee to get these plugins it would be worth it. I have to talk with my lead developer about Revive and the development of such plugins.




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Revive is an open source platform. Not sharing this information just makes more people suffer from the problem. Look at how ssh works in open source development. These tools are openly discussed. How about instead of saying "choose not to disclose", we discuss the issue in open forum, so that we can benefit from each other and make our filters stronger?


I'll put my hand up and say I don't have any filters in place yet, but would welcome advice from more advanced user/devs as to where to start to address this serious issue.

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Majority of our customers use our hardware end traffic filtering to detect and filter suspicious traffic. The device learns the interaction of the visitor with ad system and if it detects any suspicious activity it will initiate a block. This is done through the use of Cisco, WatchGuard, Corero, and RioRey. You could try looking at CloudFlare ;)

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