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Banners Will Not Display To New Visitor Without A Cookie

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I am using Revive. B)


I noticed today that if I clear my cookies, and visit a page on my site.  


So a huge percent of my visitors don't see any ads!


It seems completely insane not to show an ad to someone because it is 

her first visit to the site.  That is the time I want to show her the ad 

the most.


Is this some major problem with Revive or just a setting that I messed up.


Any input will be greatly appreciated.  


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This happens cookie not storing before the ad delivery. Ads will delivery on page when this cookie available. Sometimes this cookie will be created when new visitors enters on our site, but few times fails to create this cookie and results empty ads and loss impressions. 


To avoid this we can change the delivery file and fix this. To know more about how to change scripts and fix this issue, please user this link, http://www.adserveropenx.com/new-visitors-impressions-not-counting-on-revive-adserver

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