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Maintenance Pruning Dsaza Table


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I wanted to try to reduce the database size a bit before doing the upgrade to Revive Adserver. Our old openX Source database was over 12GB with nearly all the size of it in the table data_summary_ad_zone_assoc.


After reading the function _pruneDataSummaryAdZoneAssocInactiveExpired() I found out I had to change some of our old campaigns that had an end date, but also still had a value in target_*. The next maintenance run dropped the table size to 5,2GB already. :)

There are still a lot of entries in this table with expired even back in 2008. Is there more that should get pruned there?

In lib/OA/Maintenance/Pruning.php there is a function _pruneDataSummaryAdZoneAssocOldData() which deletes old entries, but why only zone_id=0? What is zone_id=0 and why not the others?


Any ideas what else to do to reduce the size?


Thank you very much for your ideas.

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