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Where To Put Invocation Code When Using Joomla


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I'm using Revive for a website that was setup using Joomla. I can't seem to find where I should be placing the invocation code within the files as Joomla uses modules/module types. Any help is greatly appreciated.


Cheers in advance!

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Hello barsy,


i'm using Revive (and before OpenX) with Joomla.


You must place the invocation code inside a module to be able to show the banners.


I'm using Jumi component, to do this.


You must create an HTML file, inside of it you must place the invocation file and save it with the name that you like.


With an FTP program you must upload this file inside the ../modules/mod_jumi


Inside of Joomla administration, you must go to extensions -> modules


New Module -> Jumi


When the Jumi module is opened, at the position "Source of code" you must insert the path of your HTML, something like this : modules/mod_jumi/XXXXXXXXX.html


That's all

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I have had success just pasting the invocation code into a new Joomla html module, making sure text editor turned off or tweaked to not mash code upon save.

There also used to be a special OpenX module for Joomla where you just keyed in the ad server address and the zone number - is that still available, for Joomla 3 series?

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