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Invocation Code For Revolution Slider

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Hi guys, 


We have a revolution slider on our new website and we wanted to monetise it. Since we're already using Revive, we thought there might be a solution.. but I'm stumbling. 


If you don't know how this slider works, basically you can add different elements (images, video, text, etc) to one slider, making it look like a video. It's really cool when utilised properly. You can add an external link to the slider, so when you click it, you go to their (client's) website in a new tab.  


Now, part of our webvertising package includes this slider, because it's a great piece of real estate to offer our merchants. The issue is that I don't know how to add this in, because the only working invocation code option open to me is the iFrame, because it doesn't like the javascript for some reason. 


I need to find a solution for this, because I need to measure those stats.. 


Help :( 

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