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A Few Questions From A Newbie

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Hi Everyone


I am a new user to Revive and am trying to setup my site to run a page with advertisers on a CPC basis. I have a few questions that maybe you could help me with.


So essentially I have a page setup with 10 banners that are designed in a custom size and all the banners are displayed on the page at the same time. The reason for this is that the site is a price comparison site, so each banner is designed in a way to show various elements that the advertiser has to offer.


I am charging the advertisers a flat rate $3 CPC with a minimum monthly spend of $10000. The reason for the flat rate is that I want to rotate the banners equally on the page so that every advertiser gets equall views and positioning on the page, so no one company is always at the top or bottom.


So my questions are below


  1. What is the best way to achieve equal rotation of all the banners on the same page, so that every advertisers banner is shown equally over the course of the month
  2. Does the amount that the advertiser pays effect the view frequency of their banner i.e. I have set all campaigns with equal priority level, but if one advertiser spends decides to spend $20000 in the month and the other only $10000, will the one with more money in their account have their ad show more 
  3. My other concern is with CPC model how does the server spread the clicks over the month. Is that by taking as an example $10000/$3 CPC / say 30 days. 
  4. I would also like each advertiser to have their own login so they can check their stats if they wish and for me to be able to add my own logo etc to the backend so that it look like part of my site

I guess the scenario I would like to achieve is that I charge a flat rate CPC for advertisers to have equal rotation of their ads on the page, and the ability for them to spend whatever they want in a month.


Maybe someone has done something similar before and could help or point me in the right direction. 


I would be very appreciative for any help and may I thank you in advance





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Hi Marc,


1. If you want to show each banner equally, I would recommend running each banner - probably each in an advertiser specific campaign to allow each advertiser access to stats as you want - with equal weights for all the banners and campaigns. This way, Revive Adserver will set things up so that every banner has an identical probability of being selected in each linked zone. For more information, see: http://documentation.revive-adserver.com/display/DOCS/Creating+a+campaign




2. Things start to get complicated because although you are talking about wanting to show all of the banners an equal number of times, you're then talking about billing customers on a CPC basis, and wanting them to have a minimum spend. If you start running things using the Contract campaign type, and setting that each campaign has a target of 3,334 clicks/month (i.e. $10,000 month / $3 CPC), then Revive Adserver will no longer attempt to display each banner an equal number of times. Instead, it will try to display banners as often as required to, in it's opinion based on past performance of the click-through rate, obtain the required number of clicks.


So, if you had one banner that gets a 50% click through rate, Revive Adserver will only try to deliver that banner 6,668 times in a month, while a banner with a 1% click through rate will need to be delivered 333,400 times to obtain the same number of target clicks.


3. Revive Adserver always does the best it can to deliver the impressions at a rate that will ensure that the clicks are spread out evenly over the campaign duration. However, unfortunately, Revive Adserver can't make people click when it wants them to, so there will of course be some variation from perfect delivery. Revive Adserver will adapt its plan of delivery as it goes along to account for peaks/troughs in success.


4. You can set up users & accounts for your customers to log in with, and you can customise the logo.



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