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Securing Your Installation

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Hi all


I've just installed Revive 3.0.5. Everything was fine and smooth  :)

However, according to the installation guide:


6. Final steps: securing your installation

After the installation process has completed successfully, you will have one final task:

  • Using your FTP program, navigate to the ‘var’ folder that’s part of the Revive Adserver folders. If you’ve setup the application in the ‘adserver’ folder, then you will need to navigate to the ‘adserver/var’ folder.
  • In this folder, you will see a file with a name that starts with the web address of your site and ending in ‘conf.php’. For example, if you’ve setup your ad server in www.example.com/adserver, than the configuration file will be named ‘www.example.com.conf.php’.
  • Using your FTP program, change the permissions of this file from ’777′ to ’644′.



I don't see that file in my var folder. There are 3 subfolders (cache, plugins and templates_compiled) and a UPGRADE file. 

Any suggestions? 



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