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Invocation Code To Request One Specific Banner! And Still Tracking Impressions On The Respective Zone

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Hello Revive Forum,

I have a map with Markers placed on it. If the user clicks on a marker, the server is requesting an ad from Revive Adserver via XML RPC. I am trying to send both bannerID and zone via the $what parameter:

 $what = 'zone:8|bannerid:40';
 $adArray = $oaXmlRpc->view($what,0,'','',0,$OA_context,'');

The $what parameter is not working. I am still getting any arbitrary banner for zone 8 but not the one I requested. If I change the order of the two parameters ...

$what = 'bannerid:40|zone:8';


I am getting the banner with the ID 40 but impressions are not tracked for the zone. Click-URIs of banners have zoneid 0:


What am I missing when specifying the $what parameter. It should really be possible to specify banner-id and zone-id to request a specific banner and still track clicks and impressions on the respective zone.

Thanks for all your help



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