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Help Targeting An Ad Only On The Home Page

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I am quite new to revive.


I am trying to display an ad only on certain sections of the website I manage.

I use the distribution options with a "Site - URL"; This works fine most of the time but…


I need to show an ad only on the home page (in the header zone which is common to all pages) and in another section.



The problem is  I have two cases :

#1 I can choose "Site page URL contains /home" (which is the url when someone clicks the home button) and the ad displays fine

#2 What should I put in the Site URL condition if I want it displayed when you drop on the default URL?


I have tried :

"Site URL is equal to - www.domainname.ext" (with http:// or not)

"Site URL is equal to - domainname.ext" (with http:// or not)

"Site URL is equal to - /" 


I could do it the other way around (display every where but do not display on … long list of cases) but that seems unproductive.


Another question related to case #1, when the site becomes international with multiple "home" word translation (accueil in french for instance), what is the best way to go ?


Please help.




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