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Banner-Preview As Iframe Instead Of Javascript ?

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Hi all,


when editing Banners, the banner is displayed above the settings. This is displayed with the JavaScript-Tag, which means that in case of HTML-Banners, the banner source code is part of the HTML of the interface.


Two problems occure:


1.) If there is a style-section within the banner-sourcecode, these styles also affect the admin-interface.


2.) if there is inconsistent HTML in the banner-sourcecode (like missing or additional </div>-Tags) the admin-interface sometimes ends up unusable (because everything after the banner-preview is not displayed any more)



Is there a possibility to configure how the banner-preview is implemented? At the moment we changed this directly in the adservers sourcecode to be displayed as iFrame, but we try to avoid it, if there are other possibilities.




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Hi Andreas,


No, there's no such option at the moment.


Interesting problem though. I think we do want to fix this, so that making a mistake and putting a bad banner into Revive Adserver doesn't end up breaking the UI so users without DB skills can't fix the banner.


I wonder using iFrame is the answer, or if there's a reason why we haven't done that in the past. I would have to consult others. Would you mind creating an enhancement issue in GitHub for this please, and reference back to this thread? I can then chat with the team and see if we can just change that.





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There is a solution to fix bad banners that break the UI: the box "actions" is still visible - only the part after the banner is not there any more. The point is, that you need to delete the banner completely and set it up again, instead of just fixing the bug in the HTML-source.


Strange is also, that MS Visual Web-Developer tells, that the banners are correct. :wacko:


I will try creating an enhancement issue in GitHub ... if I find out how - I'm not too familiar with GitHub, yet.



EDIT - I created an issue on GitHub - how do I set the label "enhancement" there?

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