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User Switch Not Working

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Works okay for me. What version of Revive Adserver? Do you have access as an administrator account at all, or is that locked out completely? What page are you on when you try to switch? Are you using the UI to try to switch, or manually entering a URL?


I'd like a lot more detail about what you're actually doing to be able to understand things, please.

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Hi Andrew,


using latest version. It happens no matter on which page I am. It is from Admin to a User account and vice versa. I found out, that when I switch the user, I have to go back to the dashboard overview page, clear all cache and than it changes to the other user/admin.




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Installed a completely new insance of Revive and it is still the same (tested wie IE, Chrome, FF newest versions).

It also occurs when switching sites within a user account, e.g.from dashboard to inventory etc.


Any solution would be highly appreciated as the system is currently not usable for me :-(


Best regards


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