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Revive Adserver And Rel="nofollow"

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go to www/delivery
open all the files and do a crtl+f for "<a"
wherever you get a positive search match just paste in rel=\"nofollow\"
the files that will have "<a"; there must be exactly 3 crtl+f results

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Would not it be interesting to the community that uses Revive Adserver the development team include this feature or option to use it in the new versions of the script available in future?


I imagine it would be something beneficial in relation to SEO of sites that use the Revive Adserver.


To download a pack with the modified files: http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=19376603928045912062

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Here I need to insert nofollow tag?

$outputbuffer = $g_prepend . '<a href=\'' . $row['default_banner_destination_url'] . '\' target=\'' .


Thank you ;-)

In here, I make this:


$clickTag = "<a href='$clickUrl' target='{target}'$status>";


$clickTag = "<a href='$clickUrl' rel='nofollow' target='{target}'$status>";


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