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Statistics Blank

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This should be simple I hope.  I had multiple issues doing an upgrade so I just did a fresh install on another server so not to confuse anything.  Added a few small sites to test and all seems great except for one minor thing, my stats are blank.  Now the graph on the home page shows impressions and the adgraph plugin also show impressions by day also but the reports show nothing.  I did the clearing of the 2 folders as suggested - no difference.  Checked, via diagnose, all plugins, no issue either.  Exporting shows no stats also.  Other than that, all seems well.


Anyone have any ideas?





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Server error log has no errors at all.  Like I mentioned, fresh install.  I just realized that I can drill down on the graphs so it'll show by hour on the graph, but again, no numbers on the reports.  So I think that means it is doing the incremental reporting correct?  It's usable but only has total stats, no specific sites or ad units.


Getting a little frustrated......



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Same issue here. Upgrading from 3.0.2 to 3.0.5 and no stats... But they definitely collecting.


No issues with plugins, no issues with maintenance. On stats pages I can see all campaigns names, websites and zones names, but no stats. I can see the data in ox_data_bkt_m and ox_data_bkt_c tables, I can see the data in Global History Data plugin.


This is not an issue with lib/RV.php, I already try full path to PEAR.php, relative path, RV_PATH . '/lib/pear/PEAR.php', not helping at all.


This is not an plugins issue – reinstalled them all from scratch again, no luck.


Any ideas/suggestions?

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to all blank (error 500 code) pages...I gets those on campaign page, and also on stats, I checked what it can be, maintenance running good, everything seems good. I was out of idea, nothing special in logs...but then, just for fun, I repaired all tables in database and viola - problem is gone.


I repaired it using mysql as "repair table ...;"


it really helps.

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