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Developer.openx.org Down Or Gone Forever?

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Hi all,


I'm trying to develop some plugins for Revive Adserver. As most of you might know, the available documentation is not very much, so every bit that can be found on the web could be helpful.


I had some bookmarks to the wiki on developer.openx.org and also the first page of the plugin "Developer Toolbox" points there, but since a few days, the page is not reachable any more.


Does anybody know if this is a temporary problem or if they shut down this page?

Will there be an appropriate page like developer.revive-adserver.com or does a page like this already exist?


best regards,



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Hi Andreas,


I don't know for sure, but I would imagine it's been turned off. You may be able to get to the site via a web cache, though.


Yes, I would expect that we'll eventually write up developer documentation -- well beyond what OpenX used to have -- but it's going to have to come after the user and admin documentation, unfortunately, as that's what most users want to see right now (and which I'm actively working on as much as I can).


Let is know if you have anything specific you need to know re: development, and maybe we can capture the questions and answers as we go to develop the docs... 

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Thanks for your answer. I'm looking forward on the developer documentation :)



We are just working on switching to Revive Adserver from OpenX. In our current OpenX-installation, we have a few custom changes which I'm trying to develop as PlugIns, so we don't need to adjust these changes after every update.


One thing for example is an additional parameter "&variables=abc" in the invocation code. --- yes sure, we could add this manually to each created invocation code, but it's just easier, if it is already there and it doesn't get forgotten.

Also: is there a way to config the default invocation-code? Meaning the one that is displayed when I click on the link "invocation-code" - the default is JS-Tag, but in 99% we need the iFrame-Tag.


Another thing is logging Clicks from another system, and stuff like that.



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Would it be possible for you guys to share the zip of the wiki pages with the community? There was lot of good stuff on the wiki for the developers, who want to make minor tweaks in the server.


Sorry, no, it's not possible. The wiki you're talking about belonged to OpenX (the company), so, what they did with that after we took over the ad server is their business. Unfortunately, we just don't have that content.

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