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Found 4 results

  1. Hi I am using revive adserver and whenever I see the debug.log file, this error log is present No response from the remote XML-RPC server But the server works as expected. Please explain whether it is a bug or some system problem? For what is this remote XML-RPC server required? Thanks
  2. Hi there. Our service company did upgrade from an old Ubuntu Server to a new one. We now run PHP 5.6. That should work fine with the latest version of Revive. Nevertheless I am getting these two error messages, when I try to login: xml => The xml extension must be loaded badPhpConfiguration => Your current PHP configuration does not meet requirements of Revive Adserver. To resolve the problems, please modify settings in your 'php.ini' file. Did this happen to anybody before? And do you know how to solve it? I am happy to provide more information on my settings, if necessary.
  3. Hi, I'm trying to build a little plugin to add some addLayer styles. (I'd like to do this to just have the zip to send after each revive upgrade, and better understanding revive-adserver plugins system) Here is my files node inside the xml <install> <files> <file path="{MODULEPATH}invocationTags/oxInvocationTags/layerstyles/phsite/">invocation.inc.php</file> <file path="{MODULEPATH}invocationTags/oxInvocationTags/layerstyles/phsite/">layerstyle.inc.php</file> <file path="{MODULEPATH}invocationTags/oxInvocationTags/layerstyles/phsite/">close_pop_mini.png</file> <file path="www/images/layerstyles/phsite/">close_pop_mini.png</file> </files> </install>I would like close_pop_min.png be available inside www/images/layerstyles/phsite/ but if I use <file path="www/images/layerstyles/phsite/">close_pop_mini.png</file> extension install script check says me : Illegal file location found : www/images/layerstyles/phsite/close_pop_mini.png And when it's inside {MODULEPATH}invocationTags/oxInvocationTags/layerstyles/phsite/ it's not allowed to access it via url because of .htaccess Is there a way to add some files inside www/images ? I saw the is {ADMINPATH} for www/admin but my file is not related to admin for me .. ( Sorry for my poor english :/)
  4. Hi Can anyone give me the invocation code for inline video ads? The one in - documentation/zones - doesn't seem to work. [securityErrorEvent type=securityError" bubbles=false cancelable=false eventPhase=2 text="Error #2048] Maybe nobody knows how to do it.... Any help would be greatly appreciated if there is anyone that can make it happen.
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