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Found 5 results

  1. Hi friends! I spent some time without logging into the Revive Adserver. When I will log in today, this message appeared: My server is located in Sao Paulo, Brazil. I use GMT Zone -3 hours (America/Sao_Paulo) in the server (WHM > Server Configuration > Server Time > Configure Timezone). The server zone settings were not changed, are correct. What can be? Thank you all ;-)
  2. Hi, I would like to see my reports in UTC or GMT. I do not see such option in the list of timezones in Account preferences, under "Timezone preferences". Currently, "GB" is UTC+1 (in contrary to what the interface states - "GMT+0000"), so I can not really use "GB". I have manually edited database and entered "UTC" instead of "GB" in the table of preferences, and this fixed my issue, but the question is: is there a conventional way to set UTC unsing UI?
  3. I have an advertiser who wants a report from me on a daily basis. I have a few questions related to this. 1) Is it possible to schedule the Advertising Analysis report to be emailed? Is this possible in the UI? With a script? How do other pubs handle this? 2) Can a timezone different than the standard system timezone be used for this one advertiser? How would that be implemented? 3) Is there some way to get a dump of the "raw" data in csv format for use in a PivotTable? Right now this report has three tabs and is not formatted exactly as our client would like. Thanks for loo
  4. Server Time and PHP Timezone are set to Europe/Berlin also the administrator preferences but at 23:15 the statistics are created for 19:00-19:59 How do I get it to be at 22:00-22:59 ? In my database at account_preference_assoc I have the line account_id 2 value GMT
  5. When updating the timezone from the UI, I get the following messages: - Timezone updated Followed by: - However, campaign activation and expiry were not updated, nor time-based banner limitations. You will need to update them manually if you wish them to use the new timezone. How you do you manually update the timezone for time-based banner limitations? I can't find any timezone settings aside from the ones in My Account > Preferences. Thanks!
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