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Found 3 results

  1. Hi. I have a doubleclick banner wit this code <SCRIPT language='JavaScript1.1' SRC="https://ad.doubleclick.net/ddm/adj/N99002.1919397account/B8922822.120855255;sz=470x70;ord=[timestamp]?"> </SCRIPT> <NOSCRIPT> <A HREF="https://ad.doubleclick.net/ddm/jump/N99002.1919397account/B8922822.120855255;sz=470x70;ord=[timestamp]?"> <IMG SRC="https://ad.doubleclick.net/ddm/ad/N99002.1919397accoun/B8922822.120855255;sz=470x70;ord=[timestamp]?" BORDER=0 WIDTH=470 HEIGHT=70 ALT="Advertisement"></A> </NOSCRIPT> I cread a new Banner HTML and I select Doubleclik/DFP I can see the views but the banner not register click Helpme please
  2. Hi everybody, I have installed last week the latest version of Revive and started changing all my ads against the Revive code. All working fine and I did setup all correct as far as I can see. I run now the first couple of thousend test impressions on differant sites of my portal and after 30.000 ad impressions in 2 days I have the problem that I do not get any click counts working. Neither for my adsense ads or for another third party banner system which I use. I am pretty sure I did setup the ads correct and I know for sure I got plenty of clicks since the two external systems did count the clicks normal. Maybe somebody can help me out here and we find out what I do still wrong. Here 3 example banners I have setup First Adsense. Type Generic HTML Banner Alter HTML to enable click tracking for "Google Adsense" Code "<script async src="//pagead2.googlesyndication.com/pagead/js/adsbygoogle.js"></script> <!-- Portal - Large Mobile Banner --> <ins class="adsbygoogle" style="display:inline-block;width:320px;height:100px" data-ad-client="ca-pub-XXXXXXXXXXXXXX" data-ad-slot="XXXXXXXXXX"></ins> <script> (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); </script>" Second Ad Type Generic HTML Banner Alter HTML to enable click tracking for "Generic HTML" Code "<SCRIPT SRC="http://v2.afilio.com.br/tracker_js_fla.php?banid=xxxxx&campid=xxxx;xxxx&siteid=xxx&preurl="></SCRIPT>" Third Ad Type Generic HTML Banner Alter HTML to enable click tracking for "Generic HTML" Code "<IFRAME SRC="http://v2.afilio.com.br/tracker_iframe.php?banid=xxxxx&campid=xxxx;xxxx&siteid=xxx&type=gif" WIDTH="728" HEIGHT="90" NORESIZE SCROLLING=NO HSPACE="0" VSPACE="0" FRAMEBORDER="0" MARGINHEIGHT="0" MARGINWIDTH="0"></IFRAME>" What I am doing wrong? What could I test? Thanks in advance, Oliver
  3. Hi, When I extract an "Image tag" for a zone (with generic 3rd click tracking) this is what my ad tag looks like - <a href='http://<adserver>/delivery/ck.php?n=abcd123&cb=INSERT_RANDOM_NUMBER_HERE' target='_blank'> <img src='http://<adserver>/delivery/avw.php?zoneid=100&cb=INSERT_RANDOM_NUMBER_HERE&amp;n=abcd123&ct0=INSERT_CLICKURL_HERE' border='0' alt='' /></a> INSERT_CLICKURL_HERE is replaced with the 3rd party click tracking server. But the clicks are not reaching the 3rd party server. The click does go to the final destination url and gets tracked in revive ad server however it never goes to the 3rd party server. The same tag if extracted in the JS tag format, works and clicks are tracked in 3rd party server. The issue seems to be Image tag only. Not sure what am I missing here. -Anshul
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