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Found 1 result

  1. Hello, I recently upgrade to Revive Adserver (after OpenX Source) running 3.0.5. on a server with PHP 5.3 and MySQL 5 I have now a very high number of clicks on banners, compared to before : hundred times more to be precise (with CTR over 100% sometimes !, meaning more clicks than banners displayed) that sounds not possible/realistic. At the same time, I have a lower number of impressions (nearly divided by 2). I know I have 100.000 impressions pages per day, with 2 zones... should deliver around 200.000 banners, and in fact i have lower than 90.000 banners delivered. Using local tag invocation code. I have installed all plugins. Their status is "no error" for all of them. openXBannerTypes 1.2.1 enabled No Errors openXDeliveryLog 1.1.1 enabled No Errors openXDeliveryCacheStore 1.1.1 enabled No Errors openXMaxMindGeoIP 1.2.2 enabled No Errors openXReports 1.5.1 enabled No Errors openX3rdPartyServers 1.1.0 enabled No Errors openXInvocationTags 1.2.1 enabled No Errors In banner logging settings, i have only checked : - (1st) not cheked - log an impression every time a banenr is viewed and - log a click every time a viewer click on a banner - (reverse) not cheked - try to determine the real IP adress of viewers I have no cron set up but only the current automatic maintenance that says that it is working fine. It says also that all limitations are valid (after test in delivery limitation). I have put a 10 seconds in the config not to take account clicks from the same user but it doesn't change anything. note that the issue is on banners only; and not on text links (clicks are fine on these ones) Any idea ? Thank you Regards
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