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Found 2 results

  1. I have two campaigns assigned in a single advertiser, named Animals and Nature. Each campaign has two banners, and the two campaigns was set to a single zone. But I want all the banners in the Nature campaign to view in a specific page only. Below are the delivery limitations I've set each of the banners: Nature Campaign : Red Flower > Site - Referring Page Contains (clients.imanila.ph/mbclassifiedjobsV1/index/anotherindex)Yellow Flower > Site - Referring Page Contains ( clients.imanila.ph/mbclassifiedjobsV1/index/anotherindex)Animal Campaign : Penguins > Site - Page URL is equal to (www.clients.imanila.ph/mbclassifiedjobsV1/index) OR (www.clients.imanila.ph/mbclassifiedjobsV1)Koala > > Site - Page URL is equal to (www.clients.imanila.ph/mbclassifiedjobsV1/index) OR (www.clients.imanila.ph/mbclassifiedjobsV1)- - The output should be : The banners from Nature campaign should only display when the URL is clients.imanila.ph/mbclassifiedjobsV1/index/anotherindexThe banners from Animal campaign should only display when the URL is www.clients.imanila.ph/mbclassifiedjobsV1 or in www.clients.imanila.ph/mbclassifiedjobsV1/indexAfter a couple of hours waiting, I refreshed the page but no banner was displayed in the page. Both campaigns are in Remnant Type. Please assist if there's anything missing or there's anything I need to consider. Thank you.
  2. no traffic on server, plenty of bandwidth and memory http://beta.florida.com/priceline yet it loads slow any ideas?
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