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Found 3 results

  1. I am using a back fill partner like Google Adsense but connected using their Api. if I run my script tag in revive then it won't be a flat cpm revenue but a variable cpc revenue so how can I track revenue earned in revive using this partner? the api does pass the winning bid so I can pass this into the revive click redirect but not sure if it's setup for that. any other ideas?
  2. Hi, I re-tagged my website {link removed} with the new asynchronous JS tags a couple of days ago. Thank you for developing this feature - the tags give my website a big performance increase. However since implementation my fill rate and revenue has dropped a lot. I assume this is because the ads are served in iframes and real-time-bidding revenue is compromised. See the below article for a similar problem with Google DFP async tags. http://www.monetizemore.com/blog/are-the-new-dfp-ad-tags-gpts-decreasing-your-ad-revenue/ Is there anything that can be done about this? Are there any ways to improve JS tag performance - such as loading the ad code last etc? Thank you for all your great help and development. Ben
  3. This article (http://webgilde.com/en/google-dfp-compared-to-adsense/) suggests that a AdSense revenue drop can result from doing this. And one of the AdSense support docs says that placing an adsense tag directly on your site provides Google with the best "signal." But this Revive Adserver faq article suggests that one may actually be able to increase AdSense revenue by serving the AdSense tag through Revive Adserver. My question: Does serving AdSense tags through Revive Adserver typically result in lower RPM than when one places the AdSense tags on one's site directly?
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