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Found 5 results

  1. I receive emails from reports of the campaigns. Neither are going to spam. What is happening?
  2. Hi, I would like to see my reports in UTC or GMT. I do not see such option in the list of timezones in Account preferences, under "Timezone preferences". Currently, "GB" is UTC+1 (in contrary to what the interface states - "GMT+0000"), so I can not really use "GB". I have manually edited database and entered "UTC" instead of "GB" in the table of preferences, and this fixed my issue, but the question is: is there a conventional way to set UTC unsing UI?
  3. Lately I've been noticing quite a bit of discrepancy between the impression recorded by the ad server compare to other tools. Had to start monitoring after some clients complained that the number of impressions reported were not even closed to the numbers they recorded. I'm monitoring the Google adsense impressions and compare them to the Revive ad server and in some days I can see a big gap. Like Google recording 8200 impression and Revive recording 13200 (number of clicks are the same) In the banner logging settings the configuration is set as: Log an impression every time a banner is viewed Should I use Log a request every time a banner is requested instead? And not to log stats form Googlebot-Image/1.0 Googlebot/2.1 AhrefsBot/3.1 bingbot/2.0 YandexBot/3.0 VoilaBot BETA 1.2 Anyone have an idea why the difference is so wide? Thanks
  4. Is it possible to have an automatic report sent to more than just one user? If so how? Thanks A.
  5. I'm looking through Campaign Delivery Reports. Wondering what the columns "Overall +/-" and "Current +/-" mean. Can someone explain them? Thanks!
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