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Found 2 results

  1. I have a plugin in development which needs to redirect the user to a different page, a couple of folders down the /www/admin/.../... hierarchy. I'm using redirect() with a relative-to-base path, like this: OX_Admin_Redirect::redirect("plugins/modulename/blabla.php"); The url is correct, and is correctly handled at the end of the process. The problem is that this *first* appears to log the user out of Revive altogether, which has the effect of sending them to the login page. Once the login details are correctly entered, the user is correctly forwarded to the correct url, as specified above. There are no other arguments sent, and no permission changes that I'm aware of. The user is essentially going back to where they started the process, and has full permissions to do so. It's a tad frustrating to be redirected AND logged out. I hope I've described this clearly. Does anyone have any suggestions for what could be the problem here? Thanks in advance for any helpful tips. R.
  2. After I upgraded to 3.0.2 I don't see any of my ads displayed on my website and when I try to access the admin interface I am told that there is a redirect loop. Thank god I kept the old version (which is now running again), but how can I get rid of this redirect loop and start displaying ads with 3.0.2?
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