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Found 13 results

  1. Fresh installed 3.1.0. No plugins auto-installed. Managed to install Geo manually, but they should all have been auto-installed. plugin directory empty. Env: XAMPP/Win7
  2. Always used the Revive to manage my ads on my sites, always worked perfectly. Until, my site started to use ssl certificate, which caused damage to revive. Therefore I delete, reinstalled, manually and even at Softaculous by cpanel. But nothing worked, until I discovered that in a given file, enabling one to work ssl cool, everything was fine, but the plugins, such as placing ads for html among other functions were not well. I wonder what to do to revive the work comprehensively on the ssl protocol. Grateful!
  3. My organization has recently undergone a security incident having to do with our openx server (we use version 2.8.7). What we know - 1. The attacker most probably exploited SQL Injection vulnerability in axmlrpc.php as an enrty point into our organization. 2. From there he went on to modify 2 files in /var/cache to contain malicious code in the "compiledlimitation" key. (This code created a web shell in the plugins directory). 3. Besides the shell created by the malicious files in /var/cache he was also able to create another shell in the plugins directory. This is a publicly availa
  4. In documentation on http://documentation.revive-adserver.com/display/DOCS/Standard+Plugins I can see a list of standard plugins. I've installed version 3.0.5 and don't see any plugins if I go to /www/admin/plugin-index.php (it says just "no plugins installed"). In "plugins" directory, there is just .htaccess file, but no plugin there. Where can the plugins be obtained from?
  5. Hi! I was having issues with my adserver so I have decided to reinstall it. During the installation process. I had most of my plugins failed. Why is it happening? I did the same exact thing as I installation process as before. Can anyone help me? Thanks a lot! I received this error on step 4: InstallNonBlockingErrors Thanks Everyone!
  6. Good day! Im all new to this and I need help. I noticed while installing the adserver, I got a "Failed" plugin install. Some plugins were fine but 1 or 2 failed but I am able to access my dashboard. While clicking the Inventory Tab I got this error Fatal error: require_once(): Failed opening required '/home/adserver/public_html/revive/plugins/bannerTypeHtml/vastInlineBannerTypeHtml/common.php' (include_path='/home/adserver/public_html/revive/lib/pear:/home/adserver/public_html/revive/lib:.:/opt/php54/lib/php') in /home/adserver/public_html/revive/www/admin/plugins/videoReport/stats-ap
  7. Hi there, After upgrade to 3.0.2 I found 2 plugin with errors (openXDeliveryLog, openXVideoAds) in Configuration->Maintenance->Plugins->Plugin Report: oxDeliveryDataPrepare: Task failed _verifyDataObjects vastInlineBannerTypeHtml: Task failed _verifyDataObjects Before ask questions I downloaded both plugin packs from 3.0.2 repo on github.com, install them and chmod 777 plugins/ and www/admin/plugins directories. But errors are still there. Also there is nothing in debug.log (which is turned on in conf file).
  8. Hello friends! I tried to make the migration as step-by-step instructions provided. I saw nothing different from what was already the upgrade from earlier versions of OpenX itself. But the problem is that, in upgrade wizard, after updating the database, when prompted for the full path to the previous version installed, the message is displayed: "One or more plugin files couln't be located, check the install.log file for more information" In install.log files that are not found are the same folder /etc/plugins in zip files. I tried to unpack and put both the old facility and the n
  9. Hello, I have just upgraded to the latest version and everything went smoothly, however, after logging in, it reported the following error: Failed to find package definition file /home/HIDDEN/public_html/plugins/etc/openXVideoAds.xml Failed to parse the package definition for openXVideoAds Failed to find package definition file /home/HIDDEN/public_html/plugins/etc/openXVideoAds.xml Failed to find package definition file /home/HIDDEN/public_html/plugins/etc/openXDeliveryLog.xml Failed to find package definition file /home/HIDDEN/public_html/plugins/etc/openXInvocationTags.
  10. Hello, I'm Looking for a Developer / a Developers Team for Complete revive adserver Development Project, request you to PM me if you are interested. Thanks, Best, Biswajit
  11. Hi, I tried to install revive on my brand new server (wheezy, Apache/2.2.22 (Debian), PHP Version 5.4.4-14+deb7u7) but I always run into the same error: At step 3 an error message says: Your Revive Adserver installation is complete. Please check the highlighted issues. An error occurred when performing installation tasks. Please check the error list and install log at '/var/www/www.cleanenergy-project.de/htdocs/asv/var/install.log' for details. You will still be able to login to your Revive Adserver instance. Detailed list of errors found Installation of plugin 'openXVideoAds'
  12. Hey, So I successfully managed to get logging working after upgrading to 3.0.0 from an old OpenX installation, and it was running for a few days. I then saw the upgrade to 3.0.2 and went through the incredibly laborious process of upgrading, only to discover after a few days that it wasn't logging statistics any more! So I disabled and re-enabled the plugins, uploading the zips from a fresh copy of 3.0.2. Today I discovered that when I disabled the plugin Revive dropped the old statistics tables. Deleted my data! So then I recreated the tables and it seems to be logging data. So,
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