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Found 3 results

  1. I'm trying to edit the "Client - Browser" list to add my own option checkbox called "Mobile". I'd then have "Mobile" run a function which checks for mobile user-agents. I was originally thinking about developing a plugin for Mobile detection (and release it as well to have the code improved) as that would survive updates, but there seems to be a lot of hassle involved in making plugins. Does anyone know which file(s) I have to edit to add more options to "Client - Browser"?
  2. I created a Contract campaign with some limitations, and it's just not showing the add, even though the Zone shows 100% possibility. I'm in Mexico, and I'm using a Mac, and the ad is not showing. I've tried changing the cap to 10 views per session. If I remove the Deliver Limitations, the ad does show. I think it's the Operating System limitation that's killing it. If I remove the OS, but leave country, it works. I have another add that is remnant in another zone, with different limitations, and that one is working fine.
  3. Let's say I have a banner that needs to be visible from May 16, 2015 at 2:00 pm until May 23, 2015 at 8:00 pm. What would that look like under the delivery options/limitations for the banner? Option 1 is like this: Time - Date "is later than or equal to" 5/16/15 AND Time - Hour of Day "is any of" 14:00 through 23:59" AND Time -Date "is earlier than or equal to" 5/23/15 AND Time - Hour of Day "is any of" 00:00 through 19:59" I don't know if it will work the way I want it to since I don't know how the logic is applied (couldn't find anything in the documentation): X AND Y AND Z AND A or is it (X AND Y) AND (Z AND A) Option 2 is a workaround, so it's a little clunky and more complicated to set up: I would set up three different banners, but they are all the same banner. This is just for scheduling. #1 would run on 5/16/15 from 2:00 pm until midnight: Time - Date "equal to" 5/16/15 AND Time - Hour of Day "is any of" 14:00 through 23:59" #2 would run all day from 5/17/15 through 5/22/15: Time - Date "later than or equal to" 5/17/15 AND Time - Date "earlier than or equal to" 5/22/15 #3 would just run a partial day on 5/23/15: Time - Date "is equal to" 5/23/15 AND Time - Hour of Day "is any of" 14:00 through 23:59" Am I missing something? Is there an easier way to do this? Also, a nice feature would be some kind of calendar to get an overview of when the specific banner would show up in the future. It would make it easier to identify gaps in the scheduling. Or a table would be cool too.
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