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Found 11 results

  1. I'm trying to figure out if macros are required when using JavaScript tags?
  2. I have an external javascript code that I am trying to have go through Revive. The ad company says to just ad the code to the ad server. All I can find is a window to add html code. Is there a way to implement this so it goes through our ad server? I am on v3.0.2
  3. Moin moin... last week i have a perfect working AdServer... but now... i don't know why... Revive shows no more banners... i don't change something on the Server... i don't touch Revive... Friday i see all banners and yesterday was all gone... in the meantime i reinstall everything new and update the old DB... but no banner... on a blank html page i become the error: oa_show is not defined only the Asynchronous JS Tag and iFrame Tag is working... but with the normal JS Tag i see no banners... how can i fix this? Best regards Michael
  4. Hello, Looking for a way to asychronously run the invocation code to prevent ad loading from delaying page load times. I had looked into it previously, but ran into a roadblock because of the way the original OpenX call is structured. I believe it had something to do with the 'document.write' command IIRC. (It has been almost a year since I reviewed working around the problem, so I may be off.) Our company sites have a high saturation of ads all hosted on our servers (no third-party ads) and load times at times really slow the page down. If anyone can build this feature out, that wo
  5. I have several WordPress sites which I self-host and they have no problems hosting Revive ads. However, I have a number of users who are running their WordPress sites on a wordpress.com *hosted* server. That is their WordPress install is hosted by wordpress.com directly. The reason the Revive calls do not function on these sites is that Wordpress explicitly disables ALL javascript on their own servers, for their own reasons. My sole solution to this so far, has been to recommend my users to move to a different hosting provider. Naturally this is not ideal, and most users balk at the idea. Does
  6. Hi All, Yesterday, I tried to serve responsive ads from my adserver on my localhost. I followed the process as: Created two banners- one 728*90 and other 300*50. Generated two invocation codes by async js for them. In my <div> tag, I put the following code: <div> <script type="text/javascript"> var width = window.innerWidth || document.documentElement.clientWidth || document.body.clientWidth; if (width > 960) { <ins data-revive-zoneid="13" data-r
  7. Today, I discovered another hack of my adserver. I'd had version 3.1, with the usual precautions, file permissions, etc. The new hack appended a Javascript to the text in the "htmlcache" field. There was nothing in the "append" or "prepend" fields. The script was tacked onto the intended text. It put an iframe (calling an undesired URL) at an absolute position, did something with cookies (?), and then put another absolute-position iframe with another undesired different URL. I've forwarded specific details to the proper e-mail address for this issue; I haven't yet heard back. I have be
  8. Hi, How do I make a call to Revive get back just the html markup without the surrounding javascript and document.write? If I make a call to my revive server like this https://revive.myhost.com/adserver/www/delivery/ajs.php?zoneid=7 Revive responds with my ad tags like this: var OX_e8dfae13 = ''; OX_e8dfae13 += "<"+"SCRIPT language=\'JavaScript1.1\' SRC=\"https://ad.doubleclick.net/ddm/adj/N3550.Mycompany/B8580297.115978186;sz=728x90;click0={clkurl};ord=56ae2d202d?\">\n"; OX_e8dfae13 += "<"+"/SCRIPT>\n"; OX_e8dfae13 += "<"+"div id=\'beacon_56ae2d202d\' style=\'pos
  9. According to Revive Adserver v3.2.0 release notes this version adds new Javascript based asynchronous tags. I use javascript tags on my sites to serve ads. Before installing, do I need to change those invocation codes to make them work with the new version?
  10. We coded a JS file on top of revive and now we want to minify that file as a part of build process. Revive uses YUI compressor for minifying. Somebody help me on how to integrate with revive minifier?
  11. Has anyone else had difficulty with JavaScript incocation and jQuery conflicts in CMS applications? I have run into problems with both WP and Joomla. Is there a JavaScript n invocation tag that will play nicely with different (all?) versions of jQuery? Thank you!
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