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Found 1 result

  1. Some time ago, I tried to upgrade from OpenX 2.8.something(?) to Revive, and the installation failed. I thought it had been okay, but nothing was being logged. I couldn't figure out how to fix it, so I rolled back to the backed-up OpenX installation. Now I'm trying again to install/upgrade, but I'm stuck at the "- An unknown version detected" error. The "debug.log" file is empty. The "install.log" file contains the following: Attempting to detect an existing Openads (aka. phpAdsNew) installation... PAN not detected Attempting to detect an existing Openads (aka. Max Media Manager 0.1) installation... MMM v0.1 not detected Attempting to detect an existing Openads (aka. Max Media Manager 0.3) installation... MMM v0.3 not detected Attempting to detect an existing Revive Adserver installation... creating upgrade_action audit table successfully created upgrade_action audit table creating database_action audit table successfully created database_action audit table An unknown version detected #! Connected to the database ok : purple04_revive310 #! This version cannot be upgraded Is there some key or value that I should be changing in the existing mySQL database to inform the upgrade/install script of the previous version? Or is there some other fix? Thank you. Eliz.
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