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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, This is an urgent issue as i am talking for a production environment. I had two banners with flash files, which for a few months were working perfectly. Somehow today, server stops both previewing and serving the flash files. I deactivate the old banner and create a new one trying to upload the flash file again. Still the server does not playing the banner. Please i need an advise because this is a production environment and my customer complains about this issue. Regards Thomas S. Kardaridis
  2. Hello, when I use Asynchronous JS tag and add flash banner to placement on website in console I have error: ReferenceError: FlashObject is not defined http://site Line 2 I use version: 3.2.0
  3. Hello, I want to add parameter to flashvar flashvars was output like this from Revive adserver flashvars="clickTARGET=_blank&clickTAG=http.... i want to make add a custom parameter on the fly like this flashvars="connectionname=xxxxx&clickTARGET=_blank&clickTAG=http.... How can i do this Regards Wael
  4. Hi, i have upgraded my revive server to 3.0.5 version to publish flash banner but i always get the static banner. The swf has version 11. What am i doing wrong? What type of banner should i select "Banner", "Interstitial"...? When i click on "Show banner" i always see the static banner. Any help? Thanks
  5. This ad is driving me crazy! I have a slew of other Flash banners that work great, no problem at all. But for some reason this one will not. Its set up using clickTag, I even tried copy / pasting from Adobe's site to be sure it was correct. It does grab the right URL, but even in the Revive server panel when viewing the banner, it does not open a new window when clicked, just opens the link in the existing window or iFrame when delivered at the site. I tried clickTARGET and down saving, no change. Any thoughts?
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