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Found 3 results

  1. Hello everyone, im new to revive adserver and i´m trying to create new form filelds for extra info on advertisers etc but i couldn´t find any information about how to proceed, just this link para im afraid it´s not complete to store info in the database http://stackoverflow.com/questions/23388315/revive-adserver-how-to-add-extra-field-at-add-new-advertiser-section any help? thanks!
  2. Hello, I am working on Revive ad server system and i was able to create API to fetch all required data from revive, i installed pear with xml_rpc2 library to make the connection and it is working fine locally on my local host, now when i tried to connect to Revive system on the client side using the 'HTTPS' protocol it gives me the following error : Warning! : (Revive AdServer) Exception #105 : XML error: Invalid document end at line 1 i am using the following code : XML_RPC2_Client::create( 'https:// the link /www/api/v2/xmlrpc/', options array ); ps: i changed the option 'sslverify' to false inside options array can anybody tell me how to fix this issue? again i was able to make the connection locally and it is working fine, also on test account with 'http' working fine, but with 'https' domain it is not working, is it something required on the server? or missing from my side? or something else? Thank you very much.
  3. Hello, I've installed revive Locally via Wamp. The purpose is to pratice a little bit before getting into action. Now i try to create accounts (especially Ad Network Account but it's impossible.) Whenever i try with a administrator account or a managing account i can't do it. Can you help me ? Thank you. Ps 1: I'm using the last version of revive. Ps2 : Is there an official help document (finished) for revive ?
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