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Found 9 results

  1. I would like to white label our adserving environment. Is it possible to have 1 AdServer serve ad requests for multiple domains? For example, 1 adserver would serve and return ad tags for ads.domaina.com and ads.domainb.com. Where the ad expansions and clicks look like the white label domains. Can this be done with multiple configurations?
  2. Hi, for now Revive generates the statistics once per hour. Is there a way to have this done twice per hour or even every 15 minutes? Thanks, Marti
  3. We've been running revive adserver on our server for several month, however we had to stop using it, since it really slows down the server and makes our websites unusable. The server meets the requirements described here http://www.revive-adserver.com/support/requirements/ Can anyone suggest a potential problem? Or needed server configuration that is not described on the website? bandwidth or anything else? Revive run on these websites with estimated monthly unique visitors: amindi.ge - 1 mln taripebi.ge - up to 70K tsamali.ge - up to 50K Since day 1 of Revive usage tech team started getting notifications "your website is down / your website is back online" several times a day. Any help much appreciated. UPD we were using own banners uploaded to the server.
  4. I'm looking for a way to make an external call during plugin installation/setup which *includes* processing a user prompt response. What I have so far is a javascript dialogue box prompt to the user, (which is fine). The problem I have is getting that value back to the plugin installation process (within the php preinstallscript), so that the value can be inserted into the configuration settings file. Like this during install: user prompt -> value -> plugin_settings_config. Perhaps I'm making this more complicated than it needs to be, but it seems to me an awkward handover, between client and server, and perhaps someone has already solved this before me. Maybe there's an obvious and easy hook which I am missing? Any helpful suggestions as to how to go about this appreciated. Cheers.
  5. It looks like configuration problem... but 've no idea how to solve it. So. According to documentationm there should be 3 ways to setup delivery limitations: Page: Client delivery limitationsPage: Site delivery limitationsPage: Time delivery limitations BUT ... my Revive offers only first two: Do You 've any ideas ? Bad is ... it's urgent. Thank You.
  6. Hi everyone, I am currently setting up a Revive Ad Server for the first time. My weapon of choice is to use Docker on CoreOS instance on AWS. Rather than find myself stumbling over something that must have been done many times already, I wonder if there is a step-by-step tutorial/guide to setting up the Revive docker along with a MySQL docker. Many thanks Gary
  7. Hi All, I am new to the Revive AdServer, my goal is to set-up an end-to-end demo, where I set up a campaign with its asset and basic delivery info, generate an ad call to the server and receive response with an ad in it. I have been looking for any documentation that can help me with that. The Revive site has good documentation for installation and basic concepts of an ad server, but what I saw did not help me to get fully operation and have a demo in place. I am reaching out to the community to see of anyone can help, either pointing me to some material or sharing some of their experience setting up the ad server. Any pointer is greatly appreciated. Thanks, -d.
  8. I am a old OpenX user, and my OpenX stopped working. I need a expert in CentOS and Revive to help me doing a fresh install, and configure 2 banner exchange accounts in Revive and generate the code on our dedicated server. We use DirectAdmin so if you have knowledge of that it's good. After that is done I need more help with Revive setups. Looking forward to you experts sending me a PM about price and time or any questions. Server details: CentOS release 6.5 (Final) Linux 2.6.32-431.17.1.el6.x86_64 #1, x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux
  9. Hi, so I installed Revive Adserver on our hosting account (Linux, from the website all server settings meet with requirements). Did the initial web install/set up, created a new Advertiser, Campaign, added in 3 banners, Website and Zone. However, I get a blank area any time I try to get the Invocation Code, either through Zones or Website. I've tried making sense of some of the different posts on here, but I still don't get it. What we're trying to do with this software is, on our website, set up one banner area that will display one of X amount of banners, all self-promotional at this point, that links to different sections on our website. And the banners would randomly switch out based upon the page being reloaded/viewed. That's all we need. To make this happen, what do I need to do to make it work? Assume that I've done nothing aside from what I mentioned above (cause that's all I have done). Have not loaded any plug-ins, have not done any other configuration beyond what I did above. And I can't seem to find any kind of definitive "Here's what you need to do to set this up" documentation. Searched for hours trying to make sense of the various little snippets of information out there, and I can't keep spinning my wheels on this. I need to make it work, or move on to something else. Help!
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