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Found 4 results

  1. I've big problem with Asynchronous Tag, i have setup Delivery capping per visitor and Limit campaign views and not working always display same campaign. What could be the reason not working on Asynchronous Tag? Also look: https://github.com/revive-adserver/revive-adserver/issues/619
  2. Hi! I'm using Revive Adserver ver 3.2.1 and while testing capping I discovered, that delivery capping seems not working. First I used direct selection via function view(). OK, maybe it's not supported on new versions. But with Asynchronous JS Tag it's the same. Cookie _OASCCAP[ID] stays always 1. If I change it manually to the set limit, then banner disappears. Am I hit by a bug?
  3. I created a Contract campaign with some limitations, and it's just not showing the add, even though the Zone shows 100% possibility. I'm in Mexico, and I'm using a Mac, and the ad is not showing. I've tried changing the cap to 10 views per session. If I remove the Deliver Limitations, the ad does show. I think it's the Operating System limitation that's killing it. If I remove the OS, but leave country, it works. I have another add that is remnant in another zone, with different limitations, and that one is working fine.
  4. I was told to file the question on this forum, although, I am pretty sure this is a bug. Anyway, here is the problem: When limiting a banner with: "Is not any of": Country: United States Region: Florida What happens: Connecting from New York: banner is delivered (expected to deliver) Connecting from Florida: banner is not delivered (expected not to deliver) Connecting from Israel: banner is not delivered (expected to deliver!) Using the latest version of GeoIP database. Double-checked that the IPs I do checks from are detected correctly by Revive. Please help me to understand the issue. Thanks.
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