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Found 6 results

  1. Forgive a newbie question. I just created a new Web space designed to help budding citizen journalists do their thing. I'm developing blogs for them to use, and I thought the best thing would be to create an adserver to let potential advertisers support citizen journalists directly. There will be other features, but we're still too new. I installed Revive last night and I'm looking for the way to set the rates that advertizers will be charged, say $100 for 15,000 impressions. I cannot for the live of me figure this out. Any advice will be appreciated. -- Billy Dennis
  2. I've been running Revive Adserver for more than a year without any difficulty. Yesterday, it came up with notice of an upgrade to version 3.2.2. So, I downloaded it from your website (not Github) and extracted it. At first, I attempted to upload the files and overwrite the originals. That did not work well. BTW, even in a different database and different folder, Revive Adserver conflicts in upgrade with iThemes Security. After deactivating iThemes, I was able to get access, but it still wasn't working correctly, and would not connect to the database properly. My only option was to create a new folder, upload the files fresh, and create a new database. Finally, I got in and all was well. I was able to create a new advertiser - no problem. The link was present to create a new campaign, but once clicked, the page it went to only had the Revive Adserver header and left sidebar. No form to create a campaign. The settings were all correct, but the screen was white. The same thing happened with adding a new website or zones. In fact, once the advertiser was created, nothing else worked. You will see the effect in the attached images. In one, you will see there is an option to click to add a campaign. Click it, and you get the blank page. There appears to be no work around. I don't know if it's a bug or if I am missing something. I have checked all the Help links and read the manual, and have been, as mentioned using the program for over a year. I'm sure this should not happen with a completely new installation. By the way, all the permissions were checked and all matched the instructions. Thanks in advance for your help.
  3. I have set up 1 zone with 1 Remnant campaign as defoult ads when no override or contract campaign. Then i have set up 1 geo targeted override campaign for 1 country..who should be priority for this country. If i set limitation on 1 Remnant campaign, by sellecting all countries, unless the country used for geo targeted override campaign its working.. But if i not set limitation...my override geo campaign not display ads. I would expect a override campaign to get priority, and i would expect remnant to be secondary. Since there will be many different geo targeted campaigns, and they will change, its not a solution to must sellect all other countries for Remnant... I also tested limitation - IS NOT ANY OF - means not display contries same as im geotargetting, but not worked too Any ideas how to solve this a effective way? Nikki
  4. I notice that some of our campaigns served some impressions even 5 days after they expire. The impressions were very few ( 10 max ) but is there any reason of this happening? In addition, in the campaigns table, all campaigns have expire_time at 21:59:59 regardless the date. Considering that all campaigns need to end at 23:59:59, isn't this going to affect the campaign delivery?
  5. We have a website that has three specific locations for ads (homepage top, left and bottom). However, our site content is displayed based on the user's profile and the specific content that they want to see. Example - the site has 4 main topic areas (A, B, C and D) if you choose that topic C is your preference, then all the content delivered on the pages of the site will be related to topic C. The banners will still be in the same positions (top, bottom and left). The site is dynamic so it is one page that the specific content will change, so i cant create separate "home pages" for each and make a campaign for each. I need to be able to deliver the ads based on the Topic area that the user selected. So I might have 4 banners for an advertiser; one per topic. And if the user Choose Topic C, then the ads that are shown on the Top, left and bottom should be selected from the ads in the TOPIC C pool. So it seems that I would need to create 3 locations for the banners (top, left and bottom), but then each location will need a zone??? I hope this describes what I need correctly 1) Can this be done? 2) How do I setup the Topics areas and banner locations? 3) How do I create the invocation code that will work with the variable which tells the ad server which Topic is chosen? Thank you
  6. I was just wondering if it is possible to set up like a "national" or "global" ad campaign where you can assign one banner to all zones that fit it across all accounts you have. So for example let's say you have the Default Manager, Orange Account, and Blue Account. What would be the best way to create a 728x90 leaderboard to display accross all three accounts at once. Thanks a ton, -Chris
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