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Found 3 results

  1. Hello! I need modify banner fields (storage) and banner view (client's html). One way, that I see - create custom banner type. How I can add fields (image, text) to my custom banner? So, I've added this fields to form. But they are not saved((( Can somebody help me? <?php require_once MAX_PATH . '/lib/OA.php'; require_once MAX_PATH . '/lib/max/Plugin/Common.php'; require_once LIB_PATH . '/Extension/bannerTypeText/bannerTypeHtml.php'; require_once MAX_PATH . '/lib/max/Plugin/Translation.php'; class Plugins_BannerTypeHTML_domHtml_domHtmlComponent extends Plugins_BannerTypeHtml { /** * Return type of plugin * * @return string A string describing the type of plugin. */ function getOptionDescription() { return $this->translate("My HTML Banner"); } function buildForm(&$form, &$row) { parent::buildForm($form, $row); $form->addElement('text', 'text1', "Text Title"); addUploadGroup($form, $aBanner, array( 'uploadName' => 'upload', 'radioName' => 'replaceimage', 'imageName' => '$imageName', 'newLabel' => $GLOBALS['strNewBannerFile'], 'updateLabel' => $GLOBALS['strUploadOrKeep'], 'handleSWF' => true )); } } Thanks!
  2. I have a need to reply with json data instead of HTML so that front-end on the site can format the information as necessary. I've created the following files: 1. /plugins/bannerTypeJson/oxJson/genericJson.class.php 2. /plugins/bannerTypeJson/oxJson/genericJson.delivery.php 3. /plugins/etc/oxJson/oxJson.xml 4. /plugins/customBannerTypes.xml 5. /lib/OX/Extension/bannerTypeJson/bannerTypeJson.php 6/ /lib/OX/Extension/bannerTypeJson/bannerTypeJsonDelivery.php In #5 above: contentType = json storageType = json Modified config "allowedBanners": json=1 I see the plugin and clicking details shows me everything; but when adding a new banner - I don't see that type listed. I've been looking through the code to see how/where that information is pulled from - but I can't quite seem to locate it. any ideas?
  3. How to add new option in dropdown Banner type (Please choose the type of the) dropdown. Please suggest
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