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  1. I'm always weary of third party software recommending or requiring setting directory permissions to 777. Is it possible to deny direct access to PHP files in these directories or will it break the software? ./var ./var/templates_compiled ./var/plugins ./var/plugins/DataObjects ./var/plugins/recover ./var/cache ./www/images ./www/admin/plugins ./pluginsSpecifically using an Apache configuration like this, which would be fine providing the PHP files are only included and not accessed directly: <Directory ~ /(var|www/images|www/admin/plugins|plugins)/> php_admin_flag engine off <
  2. Hi everyone. I'm new to the Revive community, having just migrated from DFP. We've noticed that, in the days since the migration, our total ad impressions are lower than we expect them to be -- and than what our Google Analytics data suggests they should be, all things equal. In troubleshooting, I noticed that occasionally, the JavaScript console returns a message indicating that instead of ad creative, a 500 error is being returned: Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 (Internal Server Error) http://ads.301digitalmedia.com/www/delivery/ajs.php?zoneid=5&a
  3. Hi folks, i couldn't find any resources on this subject or at least no recent information. Im experiencing lots of timeouts in the apache error.logs, even though i increased the timeout settings to a very high amount. But thats not the idea behind this post. When i came to this company, the OpenX adserver was already set up and at version 2.4 oder 2.6 ( i can't quite remember ). During the years it was my task to update and maintain the server, even though i had barely any clue about it when i started. There were no companies or consultings around here, teaching me how to do it and so
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