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Found 5 results

  1. Hi friends! I spent some time without logging into the Revive Adserver. When I will log in today, this message appeared: My server is located in Sao Paulo, Brazil. I use GMT Zone -3 hours (America/Sao_Paulo) in the server (WHM > Server Configuration > Server Time > Configure Timezone). The server zone settings were not changed, are correct. What can be? Thank you all ;-)
  2. Hi, I would like to see my reports in UTC or GMT. I do not see such option in the list of timezones in Account preferences, under "Timezone preferences". Currently, "GB" is UTC+1 (in contrary to what the interface states - "GMT+0000"), so I can not really use "GB". I have manually edited database and entered "UTC" instead of "GB" in the table of preferences, and this fixed my issue, but the question is: is there a conventional way to set UTC unsing UI?
  3. I have an advertiser who wants a report from me on a daily basis. I have a few questions related to this. 1) Is it possible to schedule the Advertising Analysis report to be emailed? Is this possible in the UI? With a script? How do other pubs handle this? 2) Can a timezone different than the standard system timezone be used for this one advertiser? How would that be implemented? 3) Is there some way to get a dump of the "raw" data in csv format for use in a PivotTable? Right now this report has three tabs and is not formatted exactly as our client would like. Thanks for looking and for your help. eric
  4. Server Time and PHP Timezone are set to Europe/Berlin also the administrator preferences but at 23:15 the statistics are created for 19:00-19:59 How do I get it to be at 22:00-22:59 ? In my database at account_preference_assoc I have the line account_id 2 value GMT
  5. When updating the timezone from the UI, I get the following messages: - Timezone updated Followed by: - However, campaign activation and expiry were not updated, nor time-based banner limitations. You will need to update them manually if you wish them to use the new timezone. How you do you manually update the timezone for time-based banner limitations? I can't find any timezone settings aside from the ones in My Account > Preferences. Thanks!
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