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Found 2 results

  1. Hi everyone, Using Revive Adserver 3.0.3 I'm trying to deliver an video Ad(.webm videos), through JW player using VAST tag. But Ad is not getting delivered. Does anyone face this issue ? If anyone knows the solution please help me out in solving this issue. Thanks .
  2. Hello All, I'v been working to get an Overlay Ad with the latest version(3.0.3) and JWPlayer v6(Free Edition). Things I have in order till now: Set up JWPlayer v6(Free Edition and not Enterprise Edition) on the same server, and got the Video to play. Just to know -> (Got the Banner of Type "Text Ad" and "Banner, Button & Rectangle" to work) Also on the AdServer Side Installed the Revive Adserver Created and Advertiser and Campaigns. Then Created Webiste and Zones. And then Created Banners and had it linked to the Zone. Now I try to get the Invocation Code for this Zone of Type OverlayVideo Ad created and I get this Information Note: Zone invocation codes are not used for Video Ads. Instead, you must include the zone in the Ad Schedule of the video player plugin configuration in your webpage. So now are the Questions I have: Is it a must to get the Enterprise Edition of the JWPlayer to test and try my code of Video Ads on Videos ? Specifically If No, Does the Free Edition support Video ads to be developed and tested ? (If yes, Could you Suggest any other alternative. Have the similar question for Flowplayer as well) Eitherwise, My next Question, Where and how do I create the VAST tag in my AdServer, which needs to be included in the Player Configuration Code Do we need to mention the Zone ID in the VAST Tag.As I have noticed in some of the documents/forums, they refer to the Zone ID. (I fail to determine the Zone ID. Either I'm missing something obvious or totally on a wrong track.). Thank you in advance. Best Regards, Kaushik
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