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Found 1 result

  1. I have an insert which is failing in lib/pear/DB/DataObject.php here: $this->raiseError("insert:No table definition for {$this->__table}", DB_DATAOBJECT_ERROR_INVALIDCONFIG); return false; Never mind about the source of the error for now, I'm working on that (fixed). The issue is that I didn't see this error until I hunted it down by cut and destroy. The code in question returned false and continued otherwise silently. So, my question is whether my config is insufficient to call attention to this error, or is something else going on inside Revive which stops the error from being propagated out. In my php.ini I have, although nothing appears in the apache error logs, or in php_errors.log either: error_reporting = E_ALL display_errors = On log_errors = On error_log = php_errors.log In my Revive config I have, although nothing appears in the var/debug.log (and yes, it's writable). [log] enabled=1 type=file name="debug.log" Following dumping information manually to screen, I found the DB_DATAOBJECT_ERROR_INVALIDCONFIG call, however, without this: Nothing appears on screen, or in any logging/debug file. Excuse me for showing my ignorance, but perhaps there is a simple flag I'm missing, or someone has some helpful pointers here...?
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