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Found 2 results

  1. Hi guys, I got campaign: Impressions Booked 1,400,100 Clicks Booked Unlimited Conversions Booked Unlimited Start date 31-05-2014 End date- Priority Exclusive It is far beyond the limit of Impressions, when I edit campaign, I can see Impressions Remaining: -40,583, I set up also manual maintenance, and auto - maintenance is running too, I can see that in the log. The questions is, why the banner is still delivering, even it is far beyond the limit and how to fix this ? Thanks. You are currently using Revive Adserver v3.0.5 running on lighttpd 1.4.33, PHP 5.4.23 and MySQL 5.5.35-.
  2. Is there anyway to limit the number of banner clicks? For example, I want a banner to expire after it's been clicked 5 times, then display another banner and so on and so on. Or would I have to create a new campaign for each banner and set the clicks limit that way? Would I then be able to have another campaign start once that one has ended (when the click limit is reached?) Thanks.
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