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Found 16 results

  1. Commnuity, I am generating HTML banners through a script and would like to override the htmltemplate for banners directly. The problem I run into is that with a direct DB write the htmlcache property of the banner critical for the delivery is not updated. Anyone can think of a process on how to keep htmlcache updated other than generating it myself? Is there an API or simialr I could connect to?
  2. Hello, I'm testing the Revive XML RPC API to create a campaign but I couldn't find how to set a campaing_type param to addCampaign API method to create campaigns other than Remnant. Is it possible to create Contract or Override campaigns using the Revive XML RPC API? Grettings
  3. Hi all, I would like to know if it's possible to create a Contract Campaign using the API, I couldn't find what parameter and value should I pass to 'addCampaign' method to create a Contract-type Campaign. Any help will be appreciate.
  4. Hey all, I'm glad to see a active community behind Revive Adserver. I'm new to working with it, but I'm excited about the possibilities. I've installed the server, and setup the API. Everything is working and it's relatively straightforward. However, I find that the $xml->logon() call takes way too much time. I've also noticed that logging into the revive admin panel itself also takes quite a bit of time. Edit: I want to also add that subsequent API calls do not take a long time at all, it's just the logon - and by a long time I mean about 10 seconds. Is this something that you have seen before? And if so, is there a way that the API calls can be sped up with a default API session, or even a persistent logon? Thanks in advance for any help. Cheers
  5. Hello, I'm trying to create an interface to manage Ad Campaigns and Ads on a web platform that uses Revive Adserver via API. What would be the best way to stop (end) a campaign (so it stays as completed) via the API ? I've thought of changing the End Date to match the current date, which will work in case the campaign is already active, but it's not a good solution for when the campaign is set to run in the future. Any suggestions ? All best, Telmo
  6. I see API folder in my installation in www folder (so it aceessable from internet). 1. what is it? is any documentation for use API with my instance of revive ad server 2. Is it really need to have this api folder, if I noy using api?
  7. Hi All, We are working on a project and the requirement is that we generate ad tags for about 10000 banners, we have planned to buy the license for www.reviveadserverrestapi.com. So I just wanted to know how the api actually works? what would be the input parameters to generate an adtag? And can we automate the process as the process has to be done for around 10000 banners. Thanks in advance
  8. Hi, I want to create IC throuh the API but i want to change the style to floater, it doesn't seem to work. Thanks, Tal
  9. When I use the API to either create or modify a campaign and set the startDate and endDate, the provided dates are not used and the current date is used instead. While implementing my code I was using a test environment (Kint) to display debug output and the dates were being set as expected. Once I removed the debug environment this problem cropped up. I have since then tried the REST API demo provided by openxsourcerestapi.com and to my surprise it appears to have the same problem. Has anyone else run into this problem or have any ideas?
  10. Hi guys, wondering, if it is possible to get in one XML-RPC call multiple banner results for multiple zones. Currently I am doing this: if (!isset($OA_context)) $OA_context = array(); $oaXmlRpc = new OA_XmlRpc('ads.myserver', '/www/delivery/axmlrpc.php?variable=value', 80, false, 3); $adArray = $oaXmlRpc->view('zone:1', 0, '', '', 0, $OA_context, ''); but it would be nice to do something like this (still it should be just 1 HTTP request): if (!isset($OA_context)) $OA_context = array(); $oaXmlRpc = new OA_XmlRpc('ads.myserver', '/www/delivery/axmlrpc.php?variable=value', 80, false, 3); $zones = array( 'zone:1', 0, '', '', 0, $OA_context, '', 'zone:2', 0, '', '', 0, $OA_context, '' ); $adArray = $oaXmlRpc->view($zones); I want to save HTTP calls, so it would be faster. Anybody?
  11. Hi all, I am quite new to the world of online advertising. I have been investigating Revive and frankly I'm a bit lost with all the different campaign types. The requirements I need to meet are: 1. Simple, text-based ads, to be shown on a mobile phone, retrieved via the Revive API. (e.g. custom Android app, call Revive API to retrieve ad text) 2. Be able to manage campaigns based on a start and end date. 3. Be able to have multiple banners within a campaign, and show these either in a round-robin fashion or based on a weight/priority. 4. Be able to track if a "user" has seen the banner before - I can identify users based on a unique ID which I can pass to Revive. I have the following questions: 1. Which campaign type is the best for these simple requirements? I have tentatively looked at the remnant campaign. 2. Is there any documentation available for the API? I see lots of OpenX documentation but I'm unsure if this is relevant for Revive. 3. Can the API only be accessed via XML/RPC? 4. Can I drive the creation of these campaigns via the API? Thank you in advance for any help Kind regards, Will
  12. Hello, There is any chance to get and display statistics from one site where is revive adserver installed to another site, i mean to display public, clicks and impression?
  13. We're considering using Revive. We would need to be able to build a report system into our website. Basically inorder to do that the revive server would need to have an API for to pull data from. Is there an API for reporting? Is there documentation?
  14. Hi, Are Revive Ad Server API calls fully compatible with OpenX 2.8? I would like to remove OpenX code from my servers (yes I know, millions of reasons I should have this done yesterday)... But as we're offering an integration service and our user has OpenX installed I am wondering if making the change on my side would have any effect on our integration, anyone has tried this? Anyone can point me to any API documentation for Revive? Thanks, Andre
  15. Hello - We have purchased the Revive Adserver REST API (www.reviveadserverrestapi.com) and in implementing this I realized the create responses return with an OK if it successful - however not being uber familiar with all of the code in the API or the server I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction to add the objectId to the create response.
  16. i want to make advertising system just like ppc to make it available for public to create their own publisher/advertiser account. Can i do this? i want to build page and connect it using api or xmlrpc but i don't know how to do it. please anybody tell me how.. Big thanks..
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